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Tackling The Factors Contributing To Cellulite Formation

Unfortunately, a lot of people make jokes about cellulite and obesity or old age when in fact it does appear in the very young and normal weight people. Although there are certain treatments that can help to control it, if you're prone to cellulite due to genetics or naturally occurring hormonal changes in your body, it may be hard to eliminate completely. You cannot pinpoint one single causative component for the appearance of cellulite, and we will talk about that.

natural weight loss products the hormone, estrogen, has been implicated with cellulite in some people, so it becomes necessary to have an awareness of that.

Quite frequently cellulite comes about after child birth, and the reason for that is all about more hormones of different kinds. As you know, there are many other times when an excess of hormones will occur just due to certain things and events. The objective really needs to consist of behaviors and events that you can exert control over, and that is how you can offset hormonal influences. One theory about cellulite is that too much exercise or exertion can actually make it worse. Exercising too much can be harmful is such a contradiction to being told constantly how good exercise is for us, that it is frustrating to learn. Yet some researchers believe that exercising beyond a certain point causes harmful molecules called free radicals to build up in our bodies. You can also become dehydrated by exercising too much, and when your cells don't get enough water, this can contribute to cellulite. Overexertion is the problem, but doing a moderate amount of exercise is okay. Consistently exercising without being overexerted, is the best way.

Any time your body begins holding fluids, then you are placing pressure to produce cellulite. While this can be an inherited problem, other factors can contribute to it such as kidney or heart problems. Circulation affects many processes in the body, so this can also lead to greater than normal retention of fluid. Too much sodium either in the foods you eat or how much you apply will contribute to excess fluids. Anytime you are under the care of a doctor and taking medicine, be sure you know all of the known side effects. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can prevent water retention by drinking less water, drinking more water is one of the best ways to prevent water retention. Although cellulite can be caused by many factors, it's not always easy to identify a single cause. Since your genes, hormones and lifestyle all play a role, if you want to manage this condition you really have to pay attention to everything. Some of the possible causes of cellulite have been discussed in this article, including the involvement of all the different elements.


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